Tuesday, December 6, 2016

Whenever you are feeling lonely and bored what you will usually do?  I think most of us will take our smartphone and started browsing.Well, we can make this slow time more interested in playing the hundreds of online flash games such as Friv. I know, we don't like to waste time unnecessarily.If you want to play a game, we would prefer to play the games whenever we want. Why spending time for downloading and all? Yes, online flash games are thus developed for people such as you who want to enjoy every bit of time.

All you need is a computer with internet connection or a smartphone. Well, nowadays most of us will prefer to play on our smartphones only. All the flash games available are small size, and you can play using any system with a browser and internet access. Only thing is it should support flash. Let us see some of the best online flash games like Friv games which you will enjoy the most. You can play the best flash games from http://friv.click/ .

Do you like to play Temple Run or Subway Surfers? Well, then now you can think about playing Canabalt. You won't look back if you start enjoying this game. This game is an endless running category which will put Temple run in shame. And an interesting thing about this game is, it is black and white in color. The only objective of this exciting game is run. You will feel like you are running on the rooftops and break window glasses while you are playing the game. This game you can also enjoy with your friend also if you put it in two player mode.  Then get ready for a match.Let us see who is going to win.

Snake is another most popular game which people started playing with the old Nokia phones. That time all the Nokia phones came with an installed snake game. Well, still the game is much interesting and played by many people.

Another game is there which gone viral among people.What you have to do for playing the game is, combine the tile sliding puzzles with an objective in your mind. You have to create a single tile using two same numbered tiles. The resulting tile should be the sum of the two individual numbers.Sounds interesting right? The game is not as easy as you think. You have to think smart when you are playing this game.

Well, the list of best flash games is not ending here. The game developers keep on creating new games for you to enjoy your leisure time.